Carpooling in Hyderabad

With the emergence of the IT era, employees in metropolitan cities all over India face many challenges out of which one of the critical challenge is the daily home-office-home travel. Often people tend to commute by conventional means of Govt. buses and autos which do not necessarily have the convenience or comfort required after a tiresome and exhausting day for everyone. And some cases we see the companies provide transportation facilities for its employees.

How car-pooling works ?

The idea of car-pooling was to aggregate the people travelling on a common route so different people from different companies can share a car owned by one of them to get to a common destination at a common time. The concept of car-pooling created different issues for the people using it like there was a dependency of all the other people sharing the car on the owner of the car. It could also not ensure the safety of the people travelling in a pooled car as the people travelling were in the hands of a stranger.

The people shared the cost of one absentee member in a day and in the long run it would burn a hole in their pockets as the cost per person would eventually increase. The car owner had no accountability to anybody whatsoever.

As mentioned in this article carpooling has it own set of challenges. It is a good initiative from the perspective of reducing traffic and easing up the way to travel to offices but it also raises the issue of security of different people who are completely strangers to each other and their dependencies.