Bye Bye Carpooling! Hello EasyCommute!!

Now a days number of vehicles in country are increasing by the day which is resulting in traffic congestion, environmental losses and fuel issues. To solve these issues people came up with an idea called Carpooling where people can share rides. Instead one person travel in single big vehicle three to four people can travel in same vehicle in same amount of fuel which also leads to reduced traffic. But the problem didn’t solve completely. People are facing new issues like security, lack of flexibility etc. On top of these some people don’t want to share rides as as they don’t find it suitable for their attire.

Observing this situation that we still have the same issues with commuting, to solve these issues, we thought to take an initiative and came up with a new startup called “EasyCommute” to develop a platform which extends carpooling concept by sharing a ride but in a more better way.

Instead of directly jumping into the depth here is a brief description about what EasyCommute is and how it works.

Easy Commute is an intra-city mobile-based AC Bus Shuttle Service with an aim of making daily commute easy for working professionals by cutting down the frustration to stand in a bus or wait for an auto. We run AC minibuses aggregated from travel agencies in Hyderabad and provide a confirmed seat with free access to High-speed Wi-Fi (4G) in the vehicle at a very affordable price from different locations all over the city.

Why EasyCommute?

Now let us discuss in a bit detail how EasyCommute solves the daily commute problems:

1. A user can be more productive at work with stress-free commute experience.
2. Contribute to reduce Carbon footprint in the city with Easy Commute.
3. Ride with Easy Commute, save your time and play a role in reducing traffic.
4. Beat your boredom. Enjoy high speed Wi-Fi (4G).

In carpooling the existing solutions just provide a technology platform for both vehicle owners and seekers. Many people don’t find it to be convenient to share the rides with other peoples due to various reasons like car owner may not know the other person. EasyCommute solves this issue by providing aggregated vehicles to users where the trip is managed by EasyCommute operations team.

In carpooling even if the vehicle owner is willing to share rides, vehicle seeker may not be willing to board the vehicle because he/she doesn’t know the owner. This is a security issue where carpooling can’t guarantee the safety by even following so many good ways to make sure the safety of the person. In this situation EasyCommute has an advantage by providing loyal drivers and one attendee to each vehicle as well.

In carpooling if one person miss the ride other persons who are sharing that ride need to pay on behalf of missed one where in EasyCommute people only need to pay for themselves reducing the risk of behalf payments.

In carpooling some people unite and arrange their own vehicle for daily commute to solve security issues themselves but here the pain part is to gather others, consult a driver etc. Not only these if one person gets late, all others have to wait for that person which eventually leads to frustration.

EasyCommute is providing that service freely to people where they no need to ask others to gather and consult driver etc. Above all EasyCommute providing 4G Wi-Fi to make sure the commuters don’t get bored. People can arrive at their office on time without any frustration or tension. EasyCommute operates with real-time tracking system the users can track the shuttle, provide support regarding the vehicle (If vehicle is not good, on suggestion vehicle will be changed).

EasyCommute tackles the problems of daily commute by providing the users a daily pickup and drop service all across the city both on daily and monthly bases. It’s the first and one-of-a-kind shared shuttle cab service in Hyderabad which provides AC and free Wi-Fi to its commuters.

We are also doing our part in contributing to the environment by reducing the number of vehicles in the vicinity resulting in less air and noise pollution. Also this has a potential to greatly impact on the traffic congestion in the peak hours for services like these.

Carpooling is a good idea to share rides with others, but EasyCommute extends that idea by providing the same advantages with some additional improvements.